IIS / ASP.NET - Disabling Compatibility Mode/View (Internet Explorer)

In ASP.NET, if you need to disable compatibility view of the end users using your application, you can override the respective browser (Internet Explorer) compatibility mode, by setting the compatibility mode to Edge. By using this setting, the users of the web application, will render using the latest rendering engine available. If in the scenario you don't want to use the latest, you can also define other standards, such as IE8, IE9, etc.

This can be defined in the master page/view using the following meta tag within the <head> section:


Note: The X-UA-Compatible meta tag will need to be the first meta tag, in the circumstance that setting the IE rendering engine to Edge, is not working as intended.

and web.config, by adding a custom header using X-UA-Compatible to the response headers,



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