SSRS - Troubleshooting Errors

When attempting to duplicate a Report Server, from one system to another, you may encounter an issue that the keys do not match.

The report server is unable to access encrypted data. Apply a back-up key or delete all encrypted content. (rsEncryptedDataUnavailable) (rsRPCError)

To resolve the error, open the Report Server Configuration Manager, and select the Encryption Keys button on the sidebar. Back up encrypted keys from the primary server, transfer and load into current system.

When attempting to restore a Report Server, when launching the reports you may encounter the following error message:

The report server installation is not initialized. (rsReportServerNotActivated) (rsRPCError)

To resolve the error, delete Keys table from the ReportServer database, then Stop and Start the Reporting Services, from the Report Server Configuration Manager, which will auto-create the system keys on the restart of the service.


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